Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustangs

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ford mustang by Stefan Marjoram on Flickr.
Classic Mustang Heaven by fleeting glimpse2009 on Flickr.
Mustang50 (109) by Lucasz Z. on Flickr.
Mustangs by ehanoglu on Flickr.

Something similar to this would have to be in the garage if I won the lottery.
untitled by Jared_R_L on Flickr.
Nightcrawler by turkadurka on Flickr.
Thanks for the submission!

Anonymous asked: Are there any long tube headers that will pass California smog?

Does anybody know?

68 Mustang by Doogle510 on Flickr.

68 Mustang

Need for speed. 

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Ford Mustang Mach II by geebeetography on Flickr.
69 Stang by franzlai on Flickr.